Justin DeLong

Justin is a student at Brigham Young University majoring in commercial music. He has a passion for music of all kinds (especially contemporary a cappella) and enjoys singing, playing the piano, and spending time with those he loves. Same-sex attraction is the vehicle by which Justin was brought to God. Since returning home from serving for two years in the Massachusetts Boston Mission, the main theme of his life has been learning to rely on the Lord in all he does. By taking things one day at a time, Justin has ultimately come to develop a personal relationship with the Savior and trust in Heavenly Fatherís plan for him.

Be sure to also read Justin's essay. Read here

7 Sep, 2015

You're amazing. Thanks for being an inspiration to everyone!

7 Sep, 2015

Justin your story is amazing and brings hope to so many. The decision you made to do this is an incredible one and I'm so thankful to know you.

7 Sep, 2015

Rock solid. This is amazing! I'm honored to call you my friend.

Aundrea Rammelsberg
7 Sep, 2015

Justin, I was so inspired by your interview. I have a brother who is gay and has never come out to our family. He is not LDS - but I feel whether inside/outside our faith, dealing with SSA is a struggle. When you spoke, I realized everyone has their own challenges in life to deal with. None of us are immune to struggling with things we should not indulge. There are temptations everywhere. You and so many others who have shared their story are brave. How many people could muster the courage to share their most personal innermost thoughts, feelings, failings, doubts? Everyone who is on a spiritual journey will struggle with many of the same issues you shared. Do I have a testimony? Do I believe in the Book of Mormon? Do I believe in the Restored Gospel? Should I serve a mission? I have sinned - am I worthy? I have renewed sense of strength to continue on my journey of faith. You are not alone. We are here on earth to support one another on our journeys! Ble

7 Sep, 2015

Wow, I am so impressed by your courage to tell the world your story. I to struggle with SSA and am at the beginning stages of my journey. The situations you have been in are so similar to mine. You give me hope. Your are an amazing person for doing this video. I will keep you in my prays.

8 Sep, 2015

This is amazing Justin. You are so strong and your testimony is so beautiful! I cannot begin to imagine the things in which you have had to go through but I know that as you said Heavenly Father has a beautiful and special mission for you on this earth. You give me so much hope.

8 Sep, 2015

I love how honest and raw you are. Your testimony is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

13 Oct, 2016

Thanks so much. I have a daughter about your age struggling with same sex attraction that I know is going through conflict and that the adversary tries to tell her the Church can't be true if you can't be you, but yet I know she knows deep down her Heavenly Father loves her. I felt unsure except prayer with this, but felt the Spirit in your story and understanding and hopeful inspiration to know I can be guided and she can come to feel peace in her life again. Thanks


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