Spencer & Mary Thompson

Spencer and Mary were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 2009 and have a beautiful daughter, Isabelle. They met each other up at the University of Utah. Spencer works as a Physical Therapist in which he finds great joy and passion, and Mary works part-time as a teacher and more importantly as the mother. They both love to be outdoors, run, travel, and enjoy spending time with others. They believe strongly that the Atonement is real and through applying it, we can implement positive changes in our lives to attain things we never thought possible.

27 Mar, 2013

What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. It will make a difference and your testimonies will touch many lives. So happy to see the love and commitment you share as a couple in making sure you beat each obstacle together that comes your way.

Rich & Catherine Dowse
27 Mar, 2013

Wow, thank you Spencer and Mary for your courage and your strength! Spencer, you are an extremely brave man and we are so thankful to you for your words of hope, joy and love. You two are an inspiration to us and no doubt to many others also. Your voices, your story and your testimonies need to be heard. We're humbled and moved by your fortitude and your faith. May The Lord continue bless you and keep you!

2 Apr, 2013

Thank you. Spencer I love you! One day we will be free and grown to that what God has always had seen for us. Please never give up

4 Apr, 2013

Your story is valuable and greatly needed out there..bravo for your courage and faith!

Jon & McCall Nelson
4 Apr, 2013

Spencer, Mary and beautiful Izzie - we love the three of you and honor your courage, honesty, faithfulness and strength. We are among those you have loved and taught to love, we have learned from your examples and we rejoice in the atonement with you. The refiner's fire is real and as we each pass through our lives furnace of affliction may we do so with the grace, dignity and compassion with which you have faced this, and with the same commitment to marriage and family and true joy. All our love!

6 Apr, 2013

Spencer and Mary - thank you for sharing your story! As I've listened to you describe the evolution of your experience, there are a number of common themes I hear, which I have also experienced. These include the despair and shame that keeps us from reaching out to others, the denial that halts our progress, the pain that nearly destroys us as we live in fear, while begging God to change us, and the transformation that occurs as we finally understand the role Christ's atonement can play in healing us, not necessarily from SSA, but from our troubled hearts, to which He gives His peace.

8 Apr, 2013

Spencer, thank you for sharing your gut felt feeling and thoughts. I can relate to, and feel the depth of your story on every level having had the same feelings and worries for years. Thanks again, you are my hero!!!!!

Jeremy Black
29 Apr, 2013

Hi Spencer and Mary, I am LDS and have struggled to understand SSA and how to have hope and encourage people with this trial effectively. Members of my family call me and others like me bigots for defining marriage and between a man and a woman. I just want to obey the commandments, and I want to love everyone. I was touched by your video, and I pray that you and you family have an eternity of true joy together. I have had moments of true joy but am still seeking as well. God bless you. Jeremy

6 Jul, 2013

I am not a Mormon but a Catholic. However I hold in great respect these series of videos "Voices of Hope". Out of all the videos this is the one that touched me the most. Thank you Spencer for your testimony: it has truly given me hope in my struggle. I can relate to the things you say. Thank you once again. In christ.

Bill Seger
13 Jul, 2013

Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony of the our Saviors atonement. I love your strength, integrity and commitment to the Gospel.

Rick Hall
9 Sep, 2013

Spencer and Mary, thank you for sharing. Spencer, thank you for your touching testimony of hope and the embrace of the Savior. I have been lifted by hearing, briefly, about your journey and growth. God bless you and your family.

21 Sep, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing your testimony, feelings and your story. I have utmost admiration for your strength and example. I am so thankful for Voice of Hope . My brother chose to leave the church twenty years ago and I believe that if there had been the outreach then like there is now, he would still be within the gospel. God bless you for giving hope and light to those who struggle and to those of us who love our SSA brothers and sisters.

1 Oct, 2013

Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your raw emotions and honesty. I hope more and more men find they can share. Both of you are beautiful and true representation of Christ. Again thank you, thank you!!!

15 Nov, 2013

Thank you for sharing. I just love when you said that this is teaching you how to truly love. That is ultimately what we are all here for so the challenges we are given are always in some way there to teach us how to love more unconditionally. I do not have deal with SSA myself, but you have helped to open my eyes to those who do and helped me to understand how I might be a better friend and provide better support. Thank you for being so brave!

26 Dec, 2013

Spencer & Mary - Thank you! Your courage and determination has given me something I thought I would never find. I recently came out to my wife and it has definitely been one of the hardest things I've ever done. There have been days where there seems to be no hope or light, where I've felt so alone and seriously felt the best thing to do is do end my life and marriage. But after watching your video, for the first time I felt hope and that I am not alone. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your courage. Your story so resonates with mine. I know the journey will not be easy, but will be forever worth it. Thank you, thank you for being an answer to my prayers.

17 Aug, 2014

I just listened to your beautiful testimonies again and feel so much love for you both and your two darling children. Thanks for being such a strong example of hope, faith, and charity to all who are lucky enough to know you or cross your path. Much love always!

26 Sep, 2014

I love love love love this message! So many parts of what you shared Spencer are exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you for being brave enough to share with us! Love You!

4 Feb, 2015

Hi Spencer I don't know if you remember me but we use to work together many years ago at a restaurant. I just want to let you know that I think you are amazing for sharing your story. What courage you have I have truly been inspired by you and you lovely wife. May God bless you in this journey to have the courage to keep sharing your story and blessing the lives of others.

1 Apr, 2015

Spencer and Mary, bless you both for the humility and the courage required to honestly share your story with those of us who yearn for any measure of hope. Seeing your bright, beautiful faces and then hearing the absolute reverence and care with which you share your testimony / witness of the tangible reality of the Savior's atoning power and His influence as a healing balm for both of you in this struggle...This interview was an answer to my personal prayers this morning and a witness to me of Heaven's awareness of my struggle to believe: All Flesh is in my hands, Be Still and Know That I AM God. I will watch this again and again - bless you both for the gift you've given us / others by doing this interview. May you feel heaven's care all the more for what you have offered selflessly here.

4 Apr, 2015

Your courage and faith inspires me. Thank you for sharing your story to give hope to others.


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