Nick Gregory

Gender dysphoria is a complex reality for Nick Gregory, the oldest of eight children and a student of mechanical engineering at BYU. While his journey has been confusing and often painful, Nick has learned some important lessons along the way. Among these lessons—there is power in choice. Because Nick trusts God, he is determined to do whatever it takes to keep his covenants and stay close to the Lord. He finds help achieving this goal through associating with supportive family and friends and engaging in meaningful hobbies, including playing the piano, being involved in athletics, and cooking.

Be sure to also read Nick's essay, 'Decisions about Gender Dysphoria—The Power of Choice' Read here

2 Dec, 2014

You are awesome!!! What a fantastic experience and testimony! I know you have been and are trusted by your Heavenly Father! I know He will bless you for having the courage to share and by sharing serve your fellow men and women! Thank you!!!

2 Dec, 2014

Very touching! Thanks for sharing! I don't know of this will come out right but I think you make a handsome man! All the best for you on this journey and always continue to keep facing towards heaven

2 Dec, 2014

Nick, thank you so much for your courage and for sharing your story! I admire your commitment to living the gospel and your vulnerability. While my experience is not with gender dysphoria but with ssa, I appreciate the internal battle that is waged. I would love to learn more about your experience. Thanks again for sharing. Curtis

2 Dec, 2014

well said, Amen.

2 Dec, 2014

Bravo Nick. What an amazing young man. I was really impressed with your courage to tell your very difficult and unique story. I was also impressed with your honesty and integrity, and for making the choices to be right with Heavenly Father and the Savior, who have the power and ability to turn any trial into blessings and strengths. Bless you in your righteous goals to be married have a family. I have faith that you will successful at both if you continue to follow the Spirit in all things. Again, bravo.

2 Dec, 2014

Nick, your determination and testimony are inspiring for us all. You are a great reminder to us all to be true to our covenants, no matter what challenges come in our way. We all can learn a lot from you! Thank you for openly and candidly sharing your story. You truly are a voice of hope, more than you realize! Thank you, thank you!

2 Dec, 2014

I honor your for your commitment to keep your covenants. Thank you for sharing.

3 Dec, 2014

Nick, I am a 65 yr-old High Priest. I have had and still have a strong testimony of the Gospel. I have a temple recommend and have been dealing with similar but different issues with my local leaders for about eight years. I am also a retired/disabled general surgeon currently doing research in cardiovascular genetics. I would like to discuss our experiences in more detail. You can email me at Elective SRS is considered against church policy, but for many MTF transsexuals, SRS is not an elective procedure, but one is for some life-savings. I believe there is considerable evidence to support the notion that this is something like a birth defect that may be related to intra-uterine exposure to environmental hormone disruptors of which over 1500 have been identified. I was exposed to DES in utero and developed what some call partial autogynephilic transvestism. I've also survived a mid-brain bleed and have chronic drowsiness and ADD which cross-dressing

3 Dec, 2014

Thank you for sharing your story. You are spreading understanding. You are an amazing person, with so many talents to bless the world. may God bless you for your faith and your character and the many ways you are helping others.

Another son of God
3 Dec, 2014

Nick, thank you for sharing your story. YOU are special in God's eyes and will be rewarded more than what you deserve because you committed to be with HIM. You will still have bumpy road ahead, be strong and TRUST in Him. He knows you personally and know what you are going through. He loves you, you are very special to Him. Love yourself unconditionally.

3 Dec, 2014

Staying the course in spite of the pull you feel will give safety for the soul. Best wishes in finding that perfect match the Lord has for you.

Levi Son
3 Dec, 2014

Nick, Among the many brilliant and stirring testimonies found here on Voices of Hope, yours is one that is assuredly recorded in heaven. If is my faith that angels will marvel at your faith and courage, and that many sons and daughters of God will thank you for your example and witness to them of who we are and who we promised to remain when coming to mortality. May the Lord continue to watch over you and guide you in all that you choose to do in your life and grant you that peace which surpasses all understanding.

Laurent M.
4 Dec, 2014

Thank you so much Nick for your testimony of hope and faith. I was profoundly touched by your story. I was converted to the Church in 1977, after having lived a gay life. Even if my path was very difficult and sometime painful from time to time since 34 years,I still believe that being faithful to our Heavenly Father. Even if I always had SSA, I did not understood disphoria. You helped me to understand and to accept that kind of feelings. I feel that your situation of life is a lot worse then mine, and I admire you for your courage, your strength, your integrity. Thank you for sharing the story of the sheep with the broken legs. It touched me very deeply as I feel like being that sheep. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for people like you setting the pace and being such an example. May god bless you abundantly.

Daniel Perisich
4 Dec, 2014

Good friend and greater missionary that I was able to serve around.

4 Dec, 2014

Nick, thank you for taking us on the journey of your experience with GD. You are so thoughtful and open that it brought me to an understand to your plight and to that of others like you. Though I don't suffer from GD, I could relate on another level with so much of what you said; the themes of being accepting of yourself, of making the hard choices about life, and of ultimately trusting in Heavenly Father's promises. You are an inspiration.

Jeanette C
5 Dec, 2014

On the first day that I met you I knew that you were a very special spirit and that you had a very strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If anyone asks, I can still honestly say that you were a good missionary and a great young man. Enduring to the end, when the future seems sad and uncertain, is not easy for any of us...even someone who is three times your age. I'm proud of you for being able to unbury your demons and allow those people who love you to share your burden and give you strength to keep your covenants and support your choice. I love you and would be grateful for a visit sometime soon.

5 Dec, 2014

Nick, thank you so much for sharing your faith and strength. This came at just the right time as I didn't have the words or experience to help someone else who is dealing with this in their life. Your determination and strength are a blessing to me.

6 Dec, 2014

Dear Nick, What a brave man you are. I was deeply touched by your honesty, and spiritual integrity. I pray that someday that inside-integrity will spread to fill your whole being, right on out to your handsome skin, and that you will someday rejoice in physically being a man. I would love to talk with you, and hope to meet you someday.

9 Dec, 2014

I found this video touching and profound. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. That couldn't have been easy but you will inspire all who hear your testimony and experience thus far. I so appreciated the story of the shepherd with the lamb.I felt the Spirit testify that for a time, each of us are that lamb, being carried so we can learn to know the voice of The Shepherd. I think you are awesome!

9 Dec, 2014

Thank you for sharing!! I know god will bless you for your faith!! I feel so sad that you carried this heavy burden for such a long time all alone!!! Hopefully, though your bravery in sharing your story, other young people will not have to face similar burdens alone. God bless you!!!

19 Dec, 2014

I hope that you are happy, know that you are choosing this, I hope it brings you bliss I really hope you get it And you don't live to regret it I hope you're happy in the end I hope you're happy my friend .... but i don't want it, No I can't want it. for truth dictates that i must protest this line of reasoning only leads to hell... i know i was there for years. good luck

Shara Mitchell
26 Dec, 2014

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

5 Mar, 2015

So touching and such an amazing story Nick. I can only imagine the weight lifted off your shoulders after sharing this for the first time. Courage and honesty you have 100% of my friend. I admire that. The emotion you showed in your interview really made me feel the story. I once at age 17 became a member of the church for a short time. I left for my own personal reasons, but that never stops me from loving to listen to all of the amazing stories and journeys people have to share. Mr. Mansfield baptized my family and I when he was on his mission and I was in High School. We knew nothing about this religion. He is such an amazing man and someone I have always admired for his strength, wisdom and kindness. I found this story from being on one of his sites and watching another story, before I got to yours. I am so glad I kept clicking. Again, Thank you for sharing :)

7 Mar, 2015

Wow, Nick, that was a very emotional, yet inspiring story of hope. Thanks for sharing. I love your testimony at the end. Truly, we must choose what God wants for us whether we can see the end or not. Hope we can invite you and others here at BYU-Hawaii to talk about these issues. I had a gender, race, and culture class last semester, but nothing helped me understand the struggle people with gender dysphoria face. It is only through this video that I am now aware of this difficult challenge. Wish you all the best in life.

Howard Parkes
2 Aug, 2015

I knew you as a young man when we attended the same word in Washington. In fact I thought very highly of you and your family. I Know that because you have taken the time to shared your Struggles it will help many who watch. Thank you for your courage and testimony and may God continue lift you up in his grace.

7 May, 2017

Nick, your story really opened my understanding to what life is like for those who experience gender dysphoria, especially church members. Thank you for sharing your story!


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